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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teasers and Updates

Okay guys, things are beginning to pick up. It is mid February now, and the weather is getting a little better each day. I have some teasers for you guys today. Got many shipments delivered to my door the past week, and here are some of them:
Can you see the difference? If you can't don't worry, there will be a full post on this one =D

Yes... now you are getting the picture...

WHAT? Performance Brakes?! =O

Sneak peak...

Usually I don't review products until after they have been installed. That way I can make sure I don't miss any aspects. However, since I have so many mods coming in at the same time, please forgive me if I spit out a comment or two on the products. Don't take my accidental comments at face value, wait for the full review! Also, to keep you guys up to date, my tune has shipped, and is on its way here as we speak. Before I tune the car, I need to do another 0-60 run, for a good comparison of the car tuned and un-tuned.

Due to many people complaining on youtube that the Dashhawk wasn't accurate at reading 0-60 times. I will be doing another 0-60 with the Dashhawk running side by side with this iPhone App called "Dynolicious". It is an accelerometer based application. Before you all say, "That isn't accurate either!", I would like you to search up Dynolicious on youtube, and see for yourself how good it is. Eitherway, if the numbers on the two devices are similar, then the Dashhawk is accurate. However, if the Dashhawk is pulling a faster time than the iPhone App, I will withdraw my current 0-60 standing at 5.42 seconds and change it to whatever the iPhone reads. My 5.42 was with just the Injen CAI installed, no Corsa's Catback Exhaust yet. The stock car pulled 5.44 seconds, so I'm hoping the new run will be a bit quicker again.

I've gotten the fender Grand Sport stripes here as well, which I have not yet applied. Still have to wash my car before I apply it. Only two major mods left for this year you guys, tints and spoiler.


  1. I know how this has nothing to do with this post but I love how my GTA is in your banner at the top of the page :)

  2. lol, ah I see, the red one? Cool =D


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