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Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Subaru Mini Meet

Last night was a perfect night for a drive, so I decided to go to a local Subaru mini meet for the first time. Every Friday night local Subaru owners drop by Bryne Road to chat, and get to know each other.

I got to meet a couple good guys right away. They shared their knowledge on mods, shops, and other things about the cars. Since I have only owned the STI for a month, it was good to learn all of these things. I also got to listen to a couple exhaust systems up close and in person, which is a Godsend! I've always had a particular taste in exhaust. I don't just want loud, there is a certain type I like, and it's hard to describe until I hear it. Online videos don't do justice, because most of the exhausts I heard up close were pretty awesome. The sound that comes out of these boxer engines really is incredible.

I was told that this particular meet was pretty small in comparison to some of the others. I think I will go there more often when I have time. The lighting, as you can see, is very bright. The parking lot is huge, and is embellished with a sea of bricks, which in my opinion really makes the place look even nicer. Overall a good experience, hopefully much more to come!

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