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Monday, July 4, 2011

What goes around comes around

Finally, as promised, my parting gift to one of my loyal readers got shipped today. For those who have not been in the loop, here is a bit of background info. During my year of owning the Camaro, I have worked with awesome guys, awesome companies, and I've gotten to install and review many products. The Hurst Paddle shifters were sent to me from Hurst to review and install for the Camaro community. Since it was a prototype, and since I had not paid for it, it was not in my nature to sell this set of paddle shifters. Therefore, I asked people for their support by joining the Machine Zealots Facebook page and simply had to tell me that they would like to join in the free draw. The winner of the draw would recieve this product, free of charge! =D

As of a couple weeks ago, I announced the winner via a random name generator that I had scripted. The winner was Alex R. =D Everyone was awesome, and very supportive of his win and congratulated him. That's what I miss most about the Camaro, the people I got to meet and talk to. You guys are awesome!

Anyway, if you are reading this Alex, congratulations again, and hope you receive the package soon!

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