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Friday, July 15, 2011

Restoring Headlights

Adam's Polishes saves the day again! Of course there are tons of products out there that are just as competitive. However, I choose Adam's for the quality and customer service. That's right, when you order from Adam's you actually get to talk to people, friendly ones at that. I've gotten last minute personal deals from them, whether it was free shipping, or a discount on certain products; there is just that special touch that Adam's Polishes provides that other car care products don't.

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty. Cars that have been driving since the late 90's are suffering from a natural course of their life, headlight pitting. It takes a good eight to ten years for your car to suffer through this, but I see it on the road everyday. Basically particles, debris, weather, and washing causes the headlight plastic to fog up or cloud up over time. This is extremely ugly, and is also very dangerous. As the headlight becomes fogged up, light does not pass through the lens, but instead gets absorbed.

On the market today, there are headlight restoration kits available, they aren't expensive to buy, but it is pretty much a waste since you will never be able to use it all on one car. By the time your headlights need another restoration, your car is either too old for you to care, or you have sold it. We are talking about a car that is now around 20 years old.

However, if you are like me, and you detail your car on a periodic basis, you should have everything you need in your detailing kit to restore those headlights. As seen in the video, all we used is detail spray, clay bar, cutting compound (Adam's Swirl and Haze remover), and a orbital polisher with an orange cutting pad. These things should be in your detailing kit, and you should not have to run to your local Walmart to pick up anything extra.

Puyang's 99 Honda Prelude was bought as a used car. The headlights came home fogged and yellow, it was ugly. After literally ten minutes of work, we restored the Prelude's headlights to showroom quality.

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