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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Autocross Season is back!

Autocross is indeed a very quick and fun motor sport. Minimal preparations needed, so beginners can dive right into the fun. Of course you can take it very seriously as well, and enter autocross events with competition driven regulations. It is a sport because it requires focus, eye hand coordination, and most of the time, makes me sweat buckets!

I enjoyed the autocross events that I'd attended in 2012, and most of you may have seen the actual race event videos: Including every run, every time, and every penalty. You can see the progress after each run, it may be long and tedious for a person who isn't interested in autocross, great for myself and others to study and improve on braking and acceleration timing.

Those videos were very stale though, it was very technical, and less "film-like". This is why I took the two best runs in the two events and made them into this video. With some music to stir up the excitement, I found this project a delight.

This year of 2013, both Puyang and I are planning on hitting more events. This means, hopefully, you'll see the GTI in action for the first time! And obviously, yours truly, the STI will be back as well.

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