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Friday, March 29, 2013

Things coming along

Last Sunday, we attended the annual Rev Scene spring meet, and because my STI had not been washed in a very long time, I took some time to wash it before the meet. The weather is finally getting a lot warmer, and we are currently in the process of ordering all sorts of oils for our maintenance season. Washing this car was definitely something I had to do before we did anything else. Believe me.

The car is extremely dirty!

Washed the car at MZ Headquarters 2.

I don't even want to mention how long it's been since my last car wash, it's way too embarrassing. You can try guessing though, but I won't tell. I was shocked to find out, after washing the entire car, that two buckets full of black water was produced as a result of the wash. It was so black that I would lose sight of my hands one inch beneath the surface. I used my foam gun, and lots of soap to ensure I did not harm the surface of the paint.

Black water from washing just the TOP half of the car! The bottom half was worse.

The car is clean, but it could use a detail this summer.

It took a lot of work to get it clean. After drying the car, I had realized there were still some very dirty parts that seemed unwashed. However, getting rid of the gunk gathered from these past months, it will be much easier to clean from here on out.

As I mentioned above, we are gathering materials for a couple maintenance episodes, and some modding episodes. We did indeed attend the Rev Scene meet, so there will be a video on that in the future. We also went to our local Auto Show, sort of disappointing but we have a video planned for that as well. I will update you guys in more detail later.

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