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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BMW is the $hit

Saw this picture featured on an older episode of Top Gear. This image really made me laugh, because these snarky ads are always entertaining to look at. Obviously, they don't mean any harm, when your company is high up on the corporate ladder, you'll eventually be bashed by one organization or another. Too good for your own good, you see. =)

However, a small discussion can be brought up from this spoof campaign. I was in a very asian dominant part of town a couple of weeks ago, and my brother and I were standing in a parking lot, and we were counting the number of Hondas, and BMWs parked there. We'd realized, there were mainly four makes of cars people in this part of town actually buy. On the lower end of the price range, we saw 90% were dominated by Hondas and Toyotas. While on the higher end of the price range, mostly BMWs and Mercedes. The funny thing is, BMWs seem to be like the 'go-to' car for people who are more financially stable. I think at a point in time, BMWs were the special cars that only special people could buy (rich people). When you say, "I drive a BMW!" people used to reply, "WOW, you're rich!".

However, nowadays when you say, "I drive a BMW", people will reply "So? My dad has one", "My mom has one", "My friend has one". Everyone has one. Reminds me of Apple products actually, you used to be the only 'cool' kid with a touch screen Apple product, and now everyone has one.

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