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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Even Geek Squad wants Camaros!

I admit the Camaro is a great looking car, but is it iconic enough to be used on a Best Buy brochure? This makes me wonder what was on the marketing committees' minds, "Hey, let's make a brochure about installing Alarms & Starters for cars, but let's use a car that already comes stock with an alarm and starter system to represent our services."

Or maybe they thought, "Let's use a good looking muscle car as our representation, so all customers will think they drive mad sports cars when they use our service."

Not trying to be snide or anything, but that's just me thinking out loud. Eitherway, it is cool to see that the Camaro is a go-to icon, I mean just look at those Geek Squad and Best Buy labels on the fender. It's about time generic images of sports cars are changed, I was getting bored of the 350Zs and the Mustangs!

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  1. you should know that the team at BBY 968 in laval, quebec did the JBL/GEEK SQUAD camaro show car for canada


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