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Monday, September 13, 2010

Concepts for fun

Lately I've been interested in some cosmetic mods, particularly for car shows. Coming from an artistic background, I thought it would be nice to reflect some of my own creativity into my car. Obviously nothing as elaborate like painting a flaming skull scorching on the hood. In the beginning, I saw my car as just black and silver. However, now I feel like I need to introduce a bit of red into the car. To be honest, black with any color looks gorgeous: black and yellow, black and blue, black and orange, black and green, you get the idea.

Red was just the most obvious choice, I had already added red interior lighting, so I plan to continue with black, silver, and red. The next question was, "What should I do?"

Looking around at what other people are doing, I see people dressing up their engine bays. The engine bay, I find, to most people are like show rooms themselves. You open the hood, and you see hints of bling, lights, and artwork everywhere. Half of what makes your car a winner at a car show is how well you detail your engine bay. I have to say, I can somewhat see why now. Honestly, I have never cared about engine bays in the past, but now I understand. I had decided that modding the engine bay was the best place to start because if I had screwed up, worse comes to worse, I just wouldn't pop the hood =D.

As of now, I have worked on almost every category of a car. I've changed the oil, removed the bumper, replaced the intake, swapped light bulbs, soldered wires, tapped into power, drilled and bolted the splitter on, blacked out lights, and the list goes on. However, I had yet to touch paints. Therefore, my first engine bay project was to paint the engine cover, and the fuse box. As of now, I am already in the process of completing the engine cover, but I wanted to share my process up to this point. Here are two of my concepts I had narrowed down to. Which one did I choose? I will show you when I am finished.

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