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Friday, September 10, 2010

Cars aren't a smart hobby choice

I found out today that the exhaust system that I have been saving up for is a lot more expensive than I had originally thought. Seriously, when you love cars this much, it's really hard to say no to a couple of goodies. As always, you shouldn't break the bank investing in anything, whether it's a house, cars, or relationships lol. I'm not saying don't spend money on those things, but just know the limit, and make sure you always have a rainy day fund. Before I get into further details, here is a track that I always like listening to while I'm driving. I thought I might share it, most of you have probably heard it, it was in the Transformers movie soundtrack. The song was also played during the pursuit scene with Barricade (Saleen Mustang) and Bumble Bee (2nd Gen Camaro) in the first movie.

As I was saying, I have been saving up for a couple months for a complete cat-back exhaust system. I have jumped from exhaust to exhaust for a long time now, debating which one I had wanted. Either the system has cabin droning, doesn't sound nice enough, the quality wasn't great, or no power gains. Not like I expect too much gains from an exhaust system, but I would like the peace of mind that the air flow is significantly increased. Basically, I am looking for three things in an exhaust system: sound, power gains, and price. Well after months of searching, I came to the conclusion that Corsa was an ideal product. The price was the only issue, too much for me right now, and it hardly seems worth it for an exhaust system.

Then again, true car enthusiasts wouldn't really hold back because of pricing. You see people with outrageous wheels, they look gorgeous, but it serves no other function than just to be gorgeous, they still function as regular wheels. I guess all car mods also hold a double-entendre: social status, and the actual function of the mod.

I'm still aiming for the exhausts though, hopefully I will have them installed soon. Just wanted to point out, even for me, I was shocked at how much I'm spending on my car lol. Just remember, don't break the bank just to prove yourself. One of my friends recently told me about his co-workers. They all drive very nice cars, and they say that they regret buying an expensive car, and wished they had used the money for school.

What do you think?

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