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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shots from riding around

Well, I'm still painting my engine cover. I'm trying to do it right, so it's taking longer than I'd thought. Eitherway, because of the busy week, I've been driving around more, so I took some random pictures.
This was pretty sweet. I've never seen a Lotus Exige up in person. The car is extremely low, and extremely small. I'm a short guy, and I think I'd have problems getting in the car!
My brother getting his intake installed, so I parked beside this Shelby Mustang. WAZAH!
At a hardware store buying stuff for mods, just couldn't resist taking a picture. Never gets old does it?
The footwell lights look good even in daylight! This looked awesome, the natural ambient bluish day light, mixed with my red lights created a great image.

Almost done with the engine cover though, it will probably take me a day or two more to sand the clear coat smooth to a glass shine! Also some news on the exhausts, I have made the order, but more on that later, so stay tuned!

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