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Monday, September 20, 2010

Corsa, blows me away!

It's a long debate on any car, "What is the best exhaust for my car?". Everyone has different tastes, and wants different things out of their products. In the area of exhausts, you can never really get a straight answer of which brand produces the best exhaust. There are a couple of things people consider when purchasing exhausts, or any modification, and they usually narrow down to three things: Price, sensory satisfaction (looks/sound), and power gains (if applicable).

Obviously I am not an oil tycoon, so I am only able to buy one exhaust system. Therefore, before I review any further on my selected exhaust, I can honestly say I will be biased on most parts. However, I will be as fair as I possibly can, and let you, the viewers, decide.

In an older post, I was complaining about the costs of mods, and that I had my eye set on an exhaust system that costed more than I had anticipated. Well, I went with that same exhaust I had complained about, the Corsa Performance Exhaust system.
Now, if I am to be fair in this review, I will do it here. The Corsa is by far the most expensive full catback exhaust system for the V6 currently available. Heck, I have even seen V8 systems that don't cost as much. Smart car modders may stay away from this system, mostly because they know the price isn't worth the gains. Corsa claims to free up airflow compared to the stock exhaust system, which also frees up to 6 ponies and 7 ft-lbs of torque. Realistically, modders know that the stated power gains won't really translate to much on the dyno. Then, why would anyone pay $1200 for this exhaust system? Two of the three categories I have mentioned earlier are already unsatisfactory, price and power gains. Would you really be willing to pay $1200 for just sound and looks then? Here's the funny thing, 'there's more to the Corsa than meets the eye'. (LOL I'm so lame)

Here is where I can be a bit more biased; I absolutely love the sound of this system. It has a deep enough tone, it's not deafening, it's rich enough, it doesn't sound too muffled nor hollow. Like I have said in the beginning, everyone has different tastes, and I respect that. Corsa has really put a lot of thought into their system, here is the link to their product description and features. One of the most annoying things after installing an AEM exhaust system is the droning that occurs when you are driving. With Corsa's Patented RSC™ Technology, that annoying drone has gone bye-bye. The full system is made from 304 stainless steel, which means when your car is a rust bucket, the exhausts won't be. The Corsa system also comes with a lifetime warranty, which helps me justify the cost of the system.
Stock exhaust tips are 3" in diameter.
Stock exhaust tips are short and skinny
Corsa delivers polished 4" tips!
Nice and Shiny!

A couple of more good things about AEM exhaust systems, they weigh much less than stock exhausts. The whole Corsa system weighs around 70 lbs, while the stock system weighs around 90 lbs, 20 lbs lighter! You really can't go wrong with an AEM exhaust, sounds great, more airflow, weight reducing; your car should be a lot quicker at the drag strip.

Look at those huge mufflers that come with the stock system. I have heard each muffler weights 24 lbs each! Also, the mufflers are so big that if you bend down a little bit, you can see them under the car. A lot of people even go through the trouble of spray painting the mufflers black.

No, that black stuff under the muffler isn't my attempt to paint them. Apparently there are 2 holes under the mufflers to drain any water that may get into the exhaust tips. The black is from the soot leaking out with the water!

The last thing I will say about the Corsa is that it seems like a very smart exhaust system. It is very quiet when you want it to be, and very loud when you push the car a bit harder. On the day after the install, I took the highway back home. I had to merge into the highway, but the car directly infront of me was going too slow to merge in time, so I hit the gas, and passed him. I felt like a ninja, because when I accelerated, my car became a beast on wheels, and heads were turning to see what was causing the roaring! Sneaky! I didn't even mean to be that loud, I just wanted to over take a guy. Needless to say, I was shocked at how loud the exhausts became. Also because of Corsa's dual insulated mufflers, it actually has a break-in period, so when the mufflers breaks in, it will be even LOUDER! Hoorah!

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