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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Long weekend

To start off the long weekend, I have recieved some new Spacer Screws from Hurst Shifters for the paddle shifter prototypes. Turned out the stock spacer screws that I recieved were too short, and there were some clearance issues. However, if you have ordered your set of paddle shifters, don't worry about it, you guys will be getting the proper screws.

Again, I truely thank the B&M Racing and Hurst Shifters team for their sponsorship. They have excellent customer service, so that's a plus one in my books. Hopefully, I will be able to work with them again in the future.

Now on to other stuff. Tomorrow, Good Friday, will be a busy day for me. I will be shooting a new DIY episode for Spades V6: Engine oil change, and the final review of the RX oil catch can.

Saturday, I plan on just giving my car a good clean.

Sunday, or Easter Monday, I plan on doing a video for a revised 0-60 test run with the new bolt-ons and tune.

That's it for now, stay tuned!


  1. O nice! I look forward to the new run! I've heard about the catch can but I'm a little weary of getting one. I hear that some are properly engineered to assist with keeping oil out of bad places, whereas others are just pepsi cans with two tubes coming out of it. This is a hot topic on C5 so maybe your review could help inform a few people, including myself. Also, will the new screws allow you to use the washer fluid? I have a Manual Tranny so I've never used shifters, just wondering.

  2. Yeah, I'm already pretty biased on whether or not this catch can will work. I've dealt with the guy a couple of times. We talk a lot via PM, and hopefully I'll be getting his twin turbos in 2 years time. Eitherway, I am planning on emptying the catch can infront of you guys, in one take, so no BSing. As always, my reviews are honest.

    Nah, the screws from Hurst are to extend the paddles away from the buttons. The steering wheel is made of cast aluminum, very prone to expanding. Because the days are warmer now, the steering wheel expanded, and pushed the paddles into the buttons. Making the paddle shifters un-usable.

    And COOL man, I didn't know you were manual all this time lol. I'm starting a new segment in my show... you could chip in ;) But i'll explain later.


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