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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changing the Ignition Ring Light

People do many different things to their car based on how they use it. Some people strip their car and spend thousands of dollars making their car lighter. While others do the opposite, they dress up their car with leather, suede, lights, subwoofers, and DVD players.

In the past, the Subaru Imprezas were illuminated in a sea of green gauges and controls. When the 2004 Subaru WRX STIs came to the market it had come with red gauges, but green was left everywhere else. This trend carried on to the 2007 STIs. Unfortunately, the years from 2004 to 2007 were caught in a transformation stage. By the year 2008, the STIs were fully illuminated with red gauges, dials and buttons. They even had red footwell lights equipped to illuminate when the doors opened. Needless to say, this brought a greater sense of harmony for the interior.

Many of the 2004-2007 owners have already converted their interior to illuminate full red, and boy does it look awesome.

This mod is just one small step for you to complete that red look. When you open the driver door, the ignition ring illuminates for the ease of the driver. This mod looks incredible during the night, and I suggest that you try this out if you have nothing better to do!

As I have mentioned in the video, you can easily find these kind of light bulbs online from most web lighting stores. You can even find them at local electronic stores. However, after doing lots of price matching, I came to the conclusion that eBay was by far the cheapest. Look for deals, and check the shipping price! Popular online lighting stores charge you $2 for the light bulb, but depending where you live, their shipping fee is as high as $10! I bought TWO light bulbs for $1 and free shipping. Incase one is defective, it is always nice to have a back up.

Well, I hope this video was helpful for my fellow Zealots. I have plans to convert the full interior myself to illuminate red. If you guys are interested, please be sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel, and join MZ's Facebook page for updates.

Happy modding!

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