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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Real Deal

About a month ago, I bought a set of Rays Extended Lug Nuts which turned out to be fakes. I was quite upset that there are actually counterfeit companies trying to ruin the names of high end aftermarket companies. The good thing is, I had documented the fake Rays Lug Nuts in as much detail as possible so I had something to compare when I got my real ones.

The authentic packaging looks identical to the fake ones. Hard to tell from here, but have no fear.

The authentic lugs have identical sheens to them. Whereas the fake ones have a different sheen between the lugs and the locks.

The laser etching is in the center, as opposed to the fake ones which are all over the place.

The color goes all the way inside the lug nuts. The fake ones fade out.

The key is nice and shiny inside, the fake ones don't have this mirror shine.

Each one of these lug nuts look incredible compared to the fake ones. Keep your eyes peeled ladies and gentlemen.

Initially, these lug nuts feel slightly heavier than the fake ones. This might be because the fake lug nuts were made out of pop can aluminum, who knows? Eitherway, I weighed these authentic lug nuts, so if you guys are wondering if your lug nuts are fake, you can compare the weight.

The authentic lug nuts are 30 g each. (1.06 oz)

The authentic Rays locks are 28 g each. (0.99 oz)

All 20 lugs and locks weighed 588 grams (20.74 oz), giving them an average of 29.4 grams each. (1.04 oz)

To be honest, because of the fake lug nut fiasco, I was sort of paranoid about these being fake as well. However, I followed Rays Engineering's suggestion and looked through their authorized dealer list, and bought it from one of those shops. The lugs costed me $167 before taxes, and for the prices I've seen online, I think I got a killer deal. I would avoid eBay if possible, it's very hard to tell if they sell real or fake ones. Use this Rays Engineering authorized dealer list to buy real products!

I'll be making a video on these lug nuts in a week, so stay tuned.

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