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Sunday, September 4, 2011

MZ Apparel Design: Fall Line Up

We are quickly approaching another grueling winter this year. For some of you, this won't really make a difference, especially my dear readers living in places near the equator. However, other than just modding, or joining events, I could always blog and design. =D

I've been saying in the past that I would be designing new stuff for MZ's apparel store, and I finally found some inspiration to do so.

Front and back printing on Subaru's World Rally Blue.

Now before you say anything, I will admit straight up that this design is heavily inspired by the U.S.A.F. logo. In each of my designs, I always try to add a depth to the design itself. Since Subaru came from a rich background of making airplanes, I thought it was quite fitting that my new designs be Air Force inspired.

Also, who can deny that turbo chargers sound like Jet Fighters taking off?

The new designs are available in black or white, and also with or without "Machine Zealots" and "F.I. Pilot" (Forced Induction Pilot). Remember, you can always build your own clothing in MZ's online clothing store. =D

Thanks for the support and love you guys!

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