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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Time BBQ

I've been going to Subaru mini meets every week for the past five weeks or so. It has been a good experience, most of the people I've met are very knowledgeable, and extremely friendly. Apparently I got my Subaru just in time for an Annual Subaru Summer meet and BBQ. This year it was held at Rocket Rally Racing, and although I was told that this BBQ was smaller than the previous one, I still had a great time.

At Rocket Rally Racing

On the morning of August 8th, 2011, around 10:00 AM, many of us met up at a convenient plaza right off the highway. At around 10:30 AM, all of us fired up our engines and headed out to Rocket Rally. The drive there was simply beautiful. The scenery was painted with mountains, trees, tight mountain turns and highway straights. At some points we were driving along cliff sides that oversaw large bodies of water, simply breathtaking. I would have included more driving shots in the video to show you guys the scenery, but sadly that would be more than 45 minutes of footage.

Once we got there, we took a tour of their facilities, and it was quite impressive. Many of the Rocket Rally staff were also there to talk to us about their projects, cars, and other things.

I want to drive this car... but I don't think I can handle it!

Pat Richard's Subaru Rally Car!

I wish... I wish...

After the tour, and our light introductions, we all gathered around the grill and cooked our lunches. In the afternoon, we gathered around for a raffle and prize drawings. Sadly to say, I didn't get anything =(. Oh well, there is always next year! Overall, I think everyone had a great time, and the weather held up nicely for us too. Can't wait for next summer!

If you guys want more pictures taken that day, you can find them on the Machine Zealots Facebook page.


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