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Thursday, September 22, 2011

One dollar mod, worth a million bucks?

As winter approaches, everything from Machine Zealots will be slowing down a bit. Expect the worst, but if you want premium content, I'll still try to deliver as much as I can. Frankly, I don't think I can live without modifying, or making videos anymore.

I had originally wanted to produce and upload an episode of Machine Zealots every week. However, I soon realized that if I had done it that way, it wasn't enough time to produce polished and consistent content. Therefore, I am aiming for a biweekly ritual: Shoot, edit, produce, and deliver.

Most of the time, I am waiting for packages to come in the mail for me to get started. Then it's all about arranging people to help out, participating in the videos, and the planning!

The next DIY mod. Costed me $1.00 including shipping.

I will be working on the next two videos sometime this week and possibly the next. Everything is circumstantial though, if this $1 mod isn't defective that is. I've been looking at the statistics, and it seems like Machine Zealots is averaging around three subscribers per episode uploaded. I just wanted to take this time out to say thank you for your support. Your subscriptions, comments, and continual support is priceless to MZ.

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