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Friday, October 21, 2011

20 Dollar Tripod

As some of you know, I am very dedicated to improving my videos. I invested in a GoPro camera because I was tired of making videos with my iPhone. I invested in an external microphone because the built-in mic on the GoPro was terrible. My most recent investment is an aluminum tripod. I used to stack the camera on boxes, or got someone else to hold the camera.

With my own lightweight tripod, I can shoot better videos anytime, and anywhere!

I'm not making any money doing these videos, so I am always finding ways to crunch my budget, but at the same time deliver the best content I can produce. This tripod costed me only $20! It's actually pretty good too. It has every function you can think of, and maybe a little bit more.

A little leveler, nice.

Another leveler, plus a compass!

Next week's video has already been shot and edited. It will be another DIY tutorial. Eventhough it will be a simple one, I'm pretty sure you guys will enjoy it. Stay tuned!

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