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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Altezza Tail lights

Altezza style tail lights has become one of the major exterior modifications to many car enthusiasts. Originating from Toyota/Lexus, these lights are best explained as cylindrical sectioned off lights in a clear lens housing. These lights are very popular in the JDM scene, but has also slowly made its way into the EUDM, and the USDM scene.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people who like the look of them. I can accept them on cars that come stock with Altezza style tail lights, but sadly not on my STI. I wouldn't shoot off an arm or a leg to replace them though, but I much rather prefer something from the 04-05 WRX STIs.

The lights on the left are simple, clean, and functions without looking too flashy. The lights on the right are my stock tail lights. Although I have seen worse, I would still prefer the 05 style.

This is really just an idea I've been bouncing around in my head. Obviously everything costs money, and the 05 tail lights aren't exactly cheap either. People sell a used set for $200 a pair. They know most 06-07 STI owners prefer to switch to the 04-05 tail lights. Supply and demand is a bitch.

With that being said, I know everyone is entitled to their own tastes, so let's make this more fun. I always want to reach out to you guys, and I always enjoy hearing your opinions, both good or bad =D. You've seen enough of my pictures, and videos to really know what this car looks like. Question of the day: "If you owned a black Subaru WRX STI, which tail lights would you prefer on your car?"

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