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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dunlop Winter Tires

It feels like winter might get here sooner this year. It's only mid October and it's already below 40 degrees! For people living in colder climates, winter tires are a must, not only for snow, but for those freezing days of ice covered tarmac

This is the first year I have had winter tires on the WRX STI. I must say, tires totally changes the ride. Since the winter tires are much softer, you can imagine the ride is a lot nicer too. However, it does come with a huge drawback: Reduced grip. Although the tires are just being broken in right now, there was a definite noticeable drop in grip. Spades said on the initial test drive he could feel the car losing traction through the corners, while the stock Potenzas could take the same corner with an additional 10-20 MPH.

Winter mode enabled. Time to rip up some snow!

After he drove the car, I took it out for a spin, and it did feel like a completely different car to me. After these tires are broken in, I will probably feel a bit more comfortable driving with them. Right now, I am going to be taking it easy. We will complete the review on these winter tires when and if it snows.

See you guys next year.

As for your summer wheels, make sure you take the time to pick out any rocks and pebbles from the tire tread. I would suggest taking some time to clean your wheels from any brake dust, and grime before storing them away. Also, remember to label your wheels for a tire rotation. People use different labeling systems, it's important you pick out your own system, and live by it.

My system is to label where the wheels came from. When installing them again, I will decide where they go. Using masking tape is a simple and clean way to label your wheels. Some people prefer chalk, take your pick.

With the new wheels on, make sure your tire pressure is in the recommended range. After driving your car for a couple hundred miles, make sure you re-torque your wheels incase any lug nuts came loose during driving. Drive safe!

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