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Monday, October 10, 2011

MZ needs a bigger crew

It's always sad for car enthusiasts when winter slowly approaches, especially for people living in the colder climates. The ambient temperature is so much colder, and the daylight hours get shorter and shorter. This is already becoming a problem for Machine Zealots. Normally, it takes us an average of 20 hours to film, process, edit, and then upload an episode. However, because of the limited daylight, we had to dedicate two days just for the shooting process this week. We are still currently in editing mode for this week's episode, but we have already used more than 24 hours!

On day one, I was the only person working on the episode. On day two, both Puyang and Spades kindly dedicated their time to help out. It really helped me direct the shots better and faster with Puyang being the dedicated cameraman for day two. I have been wanting to bring in another friend to join the show, I feel that a bigger crew will improve the overall content quality, and speed up the production process. He has been very willing to help out, but our schedules just never quite match. I will introduce him if he eventually joins the show.

Jagan discussing the acting sequence with Spades.

As always, a thumbs up from Spades is always a good sign.

Puyang and Spades waiting for Jagan's instructions.

As you will see in the next episode, the weather was extremely hard to work with. I got in cloudy shots, sunny shots, and foggy shots. At some point in our shoot, it even started to rain! I have this idea that I've been tossing around my head for a couple of weeks now, I might break the show down into seasons. I might consider implementing it this year. We'll see though.

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