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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maintenance Schedule

Proper maintenance for every car is essential if you want your car to live a long and healthy life. Even simple things like keeping your tires properly inflated can improve fuel efficiency, and reduce the wear on your tires. At the end of the day, spending a bit of money keeping your car well maintained can, and will, save you more money in the long run. Here is a servicing schedule that I found on a Subaru dealer website. If you are planning on servicing your own car, like me, this will surely come in handy.

Keep this page bookmarked, or save this image if you want a copy of the servicing schedule.

There are a lot of benefits to maintaining the car yourself: Keeps the labor costs at bay, you get to know your car inside out, and although it will initially take more time, it will eventually become a fun hobby. I recommend that everyone should try servicing your car yourself, at least once in your life. I just got quotes for some parts from Subaru the other day, I will go pick up the stuff soon, and will be doing an oil change in a couple of weeks. Of course, there will also be a DIY episode on that as well. ;)

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