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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Red Conversion

If you have changed your ignition ring light, you will definately want to do this mod. This mod only takes around 5-10 minutes of your time. When I ordered my ignition ring light on eBay, I paid a dollar for two lights. I looked online, and found out that the cigarette lighter and ashtray light uses the exact same #74 T5 wedge style bulb!

Much like my other tutorials, I always have additional discoveries that I think of after I finish modding and filming. If you are reading this, make sure you read the blog post corresponding to the video each time, because you will find some additional helpful tips or afterthoughts not mentioned in the videos.

For this mod, I realized I needed more clearance for reinstalling in the bulb. In the video, I removed the cigarette lighter power harness in order to twist the shifter panel out a bit more. However, it wasn't until I saw my own video that I realized I could have just put my car into a gear. Simple right? When you do this mod, make sure you set your gear box to 2nd, 4th, 6th, or reverse gear. This will grant you at least half an inch or more of clearance, and really that's all you'll need.

Other people have been doing this mod by unhooking the entire shift boot, but I don't think this mod calls for that.

The video quality at night is just terrible, but take my word for it, the ashtray looks way better illuminated red.

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