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Monday, August 23, 2010

DIY - Remove your V6 Camaro Bumper

My previous post, I prematurely reviewed the Stillen splitter. The day after my review, the splitter came off! If I haven't mentioned it in the last post, the splitter came shipped with double sided tape. The instructions also say to use double sided tape and 4 self tapping screws, that wasn't good enough. Maybe it was my fault, maybe it isn't. All I know is, I'm still keeping my foot down on my previous critique, the instructions were NOT good enough. It did not even tell you where to mount the splitter. Well, much to my dissapointment, I had to re-install the splitter. Good news was, it was my second time doing the install, so I have a step by step tutorial on how to remove your bumper.
First things first, to take off your bumper you DON'T have to remove the wheels. However, if you want more access while removing bolts, then I would highly recommend you taking off your wheels. Takes 10 minutes, I promise.
There are six plastic rivets running along the top of the bumper. Remove them.
There are two 10mm bolts on the ends of the rivets, one on each side, remove these too.
There are also two 10mm bolts right under the bumper. I don't have a picture for these, but it's easy to find, they are the only bolts under the bumper.
Go to your wheel wells now, you will find 3 torx screws facing towards your bumper. Remove these three screws.
Look up in the wheel well, you will find another plastic rivet. However, the rivets in the wheel wells are slightly larger than the ones located on top of the bumper. Make sure you don't mix them up.
This one is optional... if you removed your wheels, look towards your springs and remove the rivet. If you didn't remove your wheels, forget it, you can't even remove it. Removing this rivet will make your wheel wells much looser; more clearance.
Peel back the wheel wells. Just a pre-caution, from here on out, the bumper removal is much trickier. However, if you get past this, you will find it a breeze the next time you remove the bumper. Every bolt from this point on will be located within the wheel wells. There are 5 bolts in total, holding the bumper to the fender. First one is located at the edge of the bumper, this is a 7mm bolt facing upwards. Remove it vertically, downwards.
Get some light deep into the bumper, look towards the front of the bumper. There are three 10mm bolts. One on top of the other. The one on the top, I have to admit, was the most frustrating... You'll see why. My advice, get a long extension for your 10mm socket wrench, or an electronic wrench. Basically you won't have much room to unscrew it.
The very last bolt is a 10mm bolt hidden backwards where you just removed the 7mm bolt. You won't be able to see it, even with your wheel removed. Just feel for a bolt hidden behind the one I have circled above. Use your 10mm socket and get that out.
Congratulations! You have just removed your bumper! Now you can install your splitter, change your grills, remove your headlights, or do what ever you have in mind!

Well, that is it for the bumper removal. I'll be posting some more vanity shots of my completed project after I wash my car sometime this week. That's it for now. Cheers!

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