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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Lights, New Attitude

I just got a box of lighting goodies from Whiplash Auto yesterday. So far, I've only installed one of the four items, so I will only review this one. I've wanted to get a HID kit for my car for a while now, but all HID kits require more wiring and aren't too cheap either. In otherwords, it was too much time and money for such little results. However, a new product came out a couple of months ago, which was just as good, if not better, as the HID kit. The HOD light bulbs.
Allow me to explain why it is better. This pair of light bulbs costed me only $40, while a HID kit costs anywhere from $200 to $250. The HOD bulbs burn cooler than the stock Halogen bulbs, but it illuminates brighter and farther than Halogens. Although you might not be able to beat the brightness and illumination distance of the HIDs, the results are similar. I can also tell you, if you weren't a lighting expert, you might not be able to tell the difference between the HOD and HID. The HODs burn at super white, 5500K Color Kelvin. Sadly, if you want anything with more blue, you'd have to go HID for sure.
So, if you are looking for some white lights, I guarantee you these lights are worth every penny. Also, the installation process for the HODs are the exact steps for changing a light bulb. Anyone can do it. The lights took me 10 minutes to swap out. Now if you are looking for HIDs, I promise you, spending 10 minutes won't get it done, and there is more room for error. Keep in mind, I am aiming this advice at regular Joes who want to work on their cars. By no means am I comparing my work to professionals. If you are scared of wiring things, I would still suggest you get someone to do it for you. As for me, it's just all fun and games! As for the lights itself, take a look at my Camaro, the lights transform it to an aggressive looking machine.


  1. too true bought some h.o.d's at the market for $$$$$$35.00 and was considering buying h.i.d's changed my mind the way to go

  2. Actually, if you read my posts later on, you will see that the HODs are NOT reliable at all. Infact, lots of Camaro owners were talking about this on the C5 Forums. If you haven't bought it yet, I suggest other alternatives.


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