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Friday, August 20, 2010

No Pun, Just Fun!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I humbly present to you... the long awaited, Stillen V6 Splitter!
Well I have finally done it. I think it has been two weeks since the box has arrived at my front door. My first attempt was a complete failure. I had tried to install it on the day I installed my Injen CAI. I thought, "Hey, I may as well take off the bumper, install the splitter, and have more access space with the bumper removed to install the intake."

After an hour of attempting to remove the bumper, I gave up. I had realized two things: you either needed to have anorexic arms to reach deep into the wheel wells, or you needed to get jack stands and remove the front two tires. I had neither. A week goes by and I get a friend to help out, he just so happens to own a set of jack stands, lucky me.
Jacked up and ready to go.
You gain a lot more clearance without the tires. If you were to remove the bumper, I'd suggest you remove the tires.
lol... the Camaro without a bumper looks like an insect.
While removing the bumper there is one purple/black harness near the passenger side connecting to the bumper and the car. This harness, I gather, is the harness that controls your fog lights and side indicators.
Gently remove, and place the bumper on a mat or, in my case, pieces of cardboard.
With the bumper removed, place it upright like how I have it in the picture. This makes it a lot easier for you to tape and bolt on the splitter.

The splitter comes pre-taped with double sided tape. The kit also comes with 3 self tapping screws, and a set of instructions. The Splitter is made out of very tough polyurethane, and it comes default in matte black. Some of you have asked if you can paint it... sure, you can paint anything, but would you really want to? Just more money to get it painted and another thing to cry about when it chips. However, if I had to give any criticism to towards this kit, it would be that the instructions were almost completely useless. Some of the steps were way to vague, and others were just too common sense. For example, one of the steps was "Clean surface before taping". Really? No, I'm going to leave all the dirt, and bug guts all over my bumper while I'm taping. Now, when I mean vague, one of the steps told you to remove the 3 torx screws on the wheel well, then proceeds to say you have to remove a couple of bolts inside the wheel wells that connect the fender to the bumper. The picture they provided was a dark image of a man peeling back the wheel well... WITHOUT the tire removed, you can't see anything. I ended up not even looking at the instructions because they were killing my brain cells. If anyone ever installs this themselves, please feel free to ask me how to do it, I will offer you better instructions.

Otherwise, this was a very fun install, glad my friend can help. (thanks Lok!) The splitter is solid on the bumper now, I tried kicking it, and bruised my ankle, lol. The install took me and my friend about 3 hours... thats including removing the wheels to get more clearance in the wheel wells to remove the bumper. I would highly recommend 2 or more people working on this project, but only one is really required. Two people would come in handy when mounting the splitter onto the bumper, less of a chance for off measurements.

Well, I'll post the rest of the images with the splitter below. Just notice how much more aggressive this splitter makes the V6. I just need to lower it now ;)
Final note: the pictures do not do justice. You'd have to see the car in person to realize how much better it looks. If a picture can say a thousand words, then seeing this in real life, would make you speechless.

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