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Friday, August 13, 2010

Power of Injen

Thanks to my friend, I got the Injen CAI installed yesterday. Now, some of you may be on forums and hear people say the install is super easy. I have to admit, this is the first real performance mod I have ever installed and it turned out pretty well. I basically turned the wheel all the way to the right, and peeled back the left wheel well liner. The instructions that come with the Injen CAI will tell you to remove the front left wheel. In retrospect, I wish I had taken off the wheel. I realized soon after, that taking off the wheel would make the installation go a lot faster because I would have had much more clearance to work. Also, because of the difficulty of the install, I wasn't able to take step by step pictures for those expecting it. For that, I'm sorry. However, I will say that you won't need any extra help with the installation, the instructions that come with the intake are one of the best I have ever seen. Got mine working, there should be no reason for yours not to.
Stock air box is taken out.
Stock air box
Injen CAI installed!

The installation took my friend and I around two full hours. About half an hour afterwards for clean up and testing. At the moment, I am experiencing some difficulties, there are some issues with my engine running too lean and fuel cutting off to the engine. However, this may be because of my ECU, it may need to relearn the new air/fuel ratio, so I might need to give it a couple more days before I can really review the power gained from this intake. As for sound, it is much improved.

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