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Friday, August 27, 2010

Splitter re-installed

Well, continuing the long journey with the Stillen Splitter, I had finally re-installed it a couple days ago. I didn't bother taking finished installed pictures today, after I had gave my car a nice wash.
As I have mentioned before, the splitter came with double sided tape... and I'm pretty sure it isn't even 3M automotive tape either, well you know, since it came off and everything. I took a good weekend to properly install the splitter again, this time reinforced with industrial grade silicone.
Bumper bolted back on with the new splitter installed. Got to get rid of the painters tape and clamps though, but they were very helpful with the install, especially when the silicone was curing. I gave it a full twelve hours to cure, but it was recommended on the packaging that the silicone needed twenty-four hours to cure completely. After the car wash, I felt pretty good about the look of the splitter, especially after I cleaned it and made it jet black. Below are some vanity pictures, looks just gorgeous in my opinion.

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