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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A splitting introduction

Well if you are a Camaro owner, especially a V6 owner, you'd know the V8 versions look a bit more aggressive. That's not to say the V6 looks bad in anyway, but theres just a bit more edge to the V8s. The reason behind this is because the V8's front fascia has a mail slot, and it's just bulkier on the bottom.

I have to be honest, the reason I thought of the splitter was because of my friend, who recently got a splitter for his Subaru WRX STI. Right away, I noticed the difference, the car looked more aggressive. Then I decided I wanted a splitter for my V6. I'm not much of a side skirts, chin spoiler, and body kits kind of guy. I think the splitter's look would enhance the V6's aggressiveness and create actual down force for performance. Since I haven't installed the splitter just yet, I can't really show you how it looks. However, I can show you how it will look, kind of.

Please, ignore the painters tape lol. I was just putting in place to get a sense of the whole thing. I think it looks rather promising. However, since I haven't installed the splitter yet, I can't really tell you how good the build quality was. Based on this initial placement, I found out that fitting it 100% correctly on the bumper might take more work than I'd thought. Depending on how picky you are, you might even think the splitter was poorly shaped. Well, if you look at the whole car with the splitter, you can see what I mean by more aggressive right? The front fascia is bulkier now, with the splitter adding an inch less clearance between your car and the ground. Can you imagine this car being lowered? Wow... that would look super aggressive. Which is exactly what I am going to do. =)

I will write up the installation process and review of the product when I get it done, so stay tuned!

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