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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Jagan Story

You really just have to excuse my young at heart, guy fantasy story lol.
So yesterday, I took a friend out to check out an art show. I haven't seen her in a year, and she's been wanting a ride in my Camaro ever since. Our schedules just never really matched. Anyway, so when I picked her up, she and I were both a bit nervous I suppose, we've both changed, and so we interacted like strangers. She didn't really say much about the car at first, because she just got into the car so fast.

Alright, so whatever right? I start driving. We start talking about what's new and stuff... and on this one road, I had to pass this guy to get into the proper lane for the next turn, so I hit the throttle only ever so slightly, and she squeals in excitement.

Okay! Now I get into this state of euphoria, and I think to myself, "Does she get excited at speed? Because there is a lot more where that came from!"

She says, "Omg so fast."

I smile, and I say, "Really?"

She had broke all of my integrity, come on, she's just asking for it. What would you do? lol.

I would say that incident broke the ice. She ended up taking a lot of pictures of my car, interior and exterior, and told me how much she loved it. I had also re-tuned my car with Vince @ Trifecta's new found Horsepower tune, so I was really tempted to hit the pedal at any given moment.

On the way home, there was this empty straight, and she actually said, "GO GO GO!". ALRIGHT LITTLE LADY, YOU ASKED FOR IT. Floored it, I swore my little V6 reached 88MPH in around 8-9 seconds flat. Probably didn't, but it sure felt that fast. She was screaming the whole way lol.

Overall, an awesome night for my Camaro. I told her that she was my favorite passenger to date, and I would give her another ride anytime lol.


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