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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painting your Calipers

Interestingly, this mod is one of the cheapest, easiest, and best looking mods that I have done so far. For those of you who want professional looking paint jobs, powder coating is probably the best way to go. However, if you want a Do-It-Yourself paint job, something light on the wallet, and easy to do, then the G2 Caliper Paint kit is the best way to go. I bought this kit from R1 Concepts, it costed me around $40. They were having a sale on rotors and pads, so I just picked up a kit on the way to the check out.

You can buy these paint kits pretty much anywhere online. You can find them from $35-$40 on Ebay, or Amazon. You can check your local auto parts stores as well. I checked mine, and it costed $80, way too expensive. If you go straight to the G2 website, you can actually mix your own custom colors! Otherwise, it comes standard in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black, Silver, and some other ones.

Now, I understand painting calipers isn't for everyone. There are different ideologies when it comes to caliper paints. Some people think it's stupid, while others think it adds more flare, and a sense of speed. Personally, I'm going all out. Colored brake calipers just look super sexy when you can see them through some custom wheels. (Which I'll be getting to soon... but another day, another story)

I would advise you guys to give yourself a full two days to do this project. It technically took me 3 days to get the car out of the garage. However, I admit I slacked on day one, lol. There really isn't much to this DIY, and it almost feels silly for me to make such a long video for it. However, I know when I was doing research, a video like this would have helped me. Hopefully my tips and advice will help you guys do even better!

First, you need to remove all four of your wheels, which means you need four axle stands. I'd say an average house hold owns at least two axle stands. If you don't have four, borrow one from your neighbour =D. (I actually only own two, I 'borrowed' the other two from my neighbour and close friend)

Something I came across when I was removing my wheels, my rear wheels were seized onto the wheel hub. Since most of my DIY's so far have only required me to remove the front wheels, they were loosey goosey. However, the rear wheels have been on since it left the dealership a year ago. They don't anti-seize your wheels from the factory apparently, so my rear wheels were stuck on super tight. I tried to kick it, hammer it, no movement, nothing.

Here is what I learned on how to solve this issue, and a USEFUL TIP for you guys incase you run into the same problem: This will work 100%. First off, with your wheel lifted on the floor jack, loosen all lug nuts to halfway. IT IS CRITICAL THAT IT IS HALFWAY! Next, lower the car slowly so that the weight of the car pops the wheel off. You will hear a distinct pop. As soon as you hear it, stop lowering! Lift the car back up, and proceed in removing your wheels =). Obviously, I don't have to say why you needed the lugs on half way. You guys are smart enough ;)

With that issue out of the way. It was pretty much smooth sailing. Make sure you do a good job masking off everything that shouldn't be painted. If you didn't remove the calipers for painting, then I would say painting the underside of the caliper and the back side might get tricky. Here's another tip: Grab a small mirror to assist your vision in painting weird angles and tight corners. It's also a good way to spot any unpainted areas. Took me around 30 minutes to paint one coat on each caliper. Wait one or two hours before you apply another coat. You'll take around 6 hours to paint them all, and you'll need another 24 hours for the paint to dry. Don't forget to heat up those brakes after they dry.

That's pretty much it guys. You guys have now graduated, and are ready to paint your own calipers! Last word of advice, the final result for painting anything, has to do with preparation. Make sure you clean those brake calipers very thoroughly. Take your time, and have fun with it!


  1. O wow man, those are pretty sick. Flows with the Rally Stripes pretty well. :[ I need to make more money lol I need more car stuff! lol. Congrats on opening the store, I had a feeling that would be coming along, might I recommend a Spades V6 Military-Style Cap? Just thought I'd throw it out there :D

  2. Haha, my number one fan man! Yeah, I love them, can't wait to get some new wheels on!

    Thanks for the hat idea. I'm sort of limited to products supplied by the site =p. They only have one hat.. it's just a generic baseball cap.

  3. Wow Jagan that is really cool! Who knew it was so easy! Next day off I'm going to do this for sure, though I'm positive I'll mess it up! HAHAHA. Thanks!

  4. Thanks BB! Nah, no way you'll mess up. It will be a nice new addition to Daisy =D


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