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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Camaro of the Month [COTM]

I have seen some exciting things in the last couple of months, some people have really changed their car drastically since they have bought it. Whether you are a die hard modding fan, or you are just taking it slow and steady, every ONE of you clearly love your cars!

Most of you may have started reading this blog because: You are interested in learning on how to do-it-yourself, like following my project, or just plainly find my writing and films entertaining? (lol). Whatever your reasons may be, I could not have continued to put so much effort into Spades V6 if it wasn't because of you guys, so I really thank you guys once again.

As a token of my gratitude, and because I love seeing other people's projects come to fruition, I am starting a new segment: Camaro of the Month. The title is obvious, I will pick and choose a worthy car every month, feature it on the blog, and make your car part of the Spades V6 CALENDAR PROJECT! =D

Click to enlarge! It's already May 11th, but my car will start off the Calendar Project. Spades as the month of May.

I am constantly on the lookout for really cool Camaros. Whether you drive a V6 or V8, please feel free to post some of your best vanity pictures on the Facebook page! It would help me pick your car if you've got something different from everyone else. Take pictures of the whole car, exterior, interior, and any special mod you think you could show off! Picture quality, image composition, scenery, and background ALL MATTERS! Think of it this way, pretend you are submitting your car to a magazine company, looking for cover cars to put on the Latest issue of Spades Magazine! =D Obviously you'd want to take the best pictures right? Make sure your images are larger than 1280 pixels by 800 pixels. This will be the format I will make the calendar at. If you name your Camaro, your name will be where 'Spades' is placed. If you don't have a name, I will leave it blank. I will take requests like changing the font of your Camaro's name, to give some more character to each car. I will also place the logos of the aftermarket parts you have installed on your Camaro.

Now, I understand not everyone is in the same budget margins. Like I have said before, some people can complete their project in less than a year, while some people may have their plans stretched out to 5 to 10 years! That does NOT matter when I select a car for COTM... even if you have a stock car with some rally stripes, you can still be chosen if you take some really nice pictures!

Here is how it's going to go down: You submit your pictures to me, I select the best for that month, and the chosen car will be on the following month's calendar spread! Obviously I can not guarantee that ANYONE will submit their pictures to Spades V6, but if there isn't any pictures by the end of May, then the June edition will be my car again. You wouldn't want to see my car every month! Right? C'mon guys ;)


  1. I think I may miss the first cut-off, weather is killing my photo ops....hmmm or are they? Nothing says "Camaro" like a sexy car in the pouring rain :D


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