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Monday, May 30, 2011

Porsche Club AutoX

The day had finally come and gone. This was my very first autocross event that I've attended. Though I did not actually drive my car on the road course, I did have an opportunity to ride in some of my friend's cars: Subaru STi, BMW M Coupe, and a BMW 135i. Each driver and each car handled very differently, and it was a very good experience for me to see that.

I fully understand that you can't learn to control your car, until you've lost control. Though cars classified as Muscle Cars usually don't take on corners, I firmly believe the Camaro will be alright. The suspension in modern muscle cars have been totally changed, and the independant front and rear suspension will do great wonders.

There were a lot of friendly people there, willing to give you tips and open to conversations. I did not engage in too many conversations, but I did learn a lot. I am looking at upcoming autocross events which I'll be taking part in the next time around. Time to see what this Camaro can do.

OH! I almost forgot. Some of you may be curious of which cars attended the event, lol. Well it was a Porsche event, so it was 50% Porsches. The rest were shared between Subaru Impreza WRX, Imprezas, Miatas, Mini Coopers, Corvettes, and Honda Civics. The car with the fastest time was a 90's Honda Civic Hatchback. O_o The Corvettes actually suffered a bit, they have too much power for their own good. Just goes to show you that power definately isn't everything.


  1. YEAAAAAAAAA That's what I like to see! Nice video man, though no Camaro it's good to see something different now and then. I hope to see more track videos in the future, especially once you get out there. I'm a fan of alot of cars but I have to say that muscle cars and tuners are my favorites (ironic since there seems to be some undercover hatred between the two lol). What was the time for the civic? I just got a 92 Honda Civic HB and I'm feeling curios lol. Anyways, again nice video man and I look forward to seeing your track runs!

    wait.....was that a Hello Kitty Seatbelt cover?...How do I know what Hello Kitty is? (*~*)

  2. The Honda Civic ran a 38 second laptime. So it was 4 seconds faster than my friend's STi. My friend is a good driver too lol. That Civic was just too light, and had good cornering power =D.

    Yeah it's a hello kitty seatbelt cover LOL. I sat in my friend's Girlfriend's spot LOL.

  3. Wow, That civvy sounds wicked. Though your friend's STi seemed like it was flying! Must have been an awesome ride. Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only person that constantly shakes the shifter to make sure it's in Neutral lol.


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