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Thursday, May 5, 2011

With great Horsepower, comes great responsibility

Okay guys, story time. Yesterday, I was driving, and it was a good day to own a Camaro. My car had been recently washed, and looked really sharp on the road. It was sunny, and with the windows down, the temperature was perfect. My whole intention was to drive at a regular cruising pace, really soak in the scenery and weather you know?

For the life of me it seems like everytime I drive, there just has to be one or two douchebags on the road RUINING your perfect drive!

I'm on this road, and the traffic is sparse, everyone is driving at a very humble 35MPH. Then out of no where, this man in a minivan just weaves and cuts everyone off, driving at least at 55MPH. He cuts infront of me, and is really an inch from my nose. This really pissed me off, I didn't honk though. YOU'VE RUINED MY AWESOME DAY! NOW IT'S PERSONAL! At the red light, this guy is stopped on the left lane, and I pull up to him in the right. I'm not head to head with him though, he wouldn't be able to see my car unless he shoulder checked. Anyway, when the light turned green, I had my car set to Sport mode, and I was ready to make his car literally eat my dust. I let him leave first, to see his true intentions though. Sure enough, he was in a huge hurry, you can hear that little four banger working hard as he pretty much floored his car. This just gave me the go-juice I needed, I suppose I was a bit bored, and wanted some excuse for excitement... so I half floored my car. Easily climbed up to red line, and obviously left him with the rest of the traffic. At the next intersection, I made it through just when the yellow light lit up and he was stuck behind. That was the last time I saw him.

Let me tell you guys something, I felt terrible afterwards. Infact, halfway through that run, I had already let off my throttle completely and just left my car glide on idle, that's how bad I felt. I really don't like driving like a douchebag, and this one minivan made me weak, and made me succumb to using my Camaro's power. I'm telling you guys, this car, and every other sports car out there, can really work your buttons. Just because you have 300 HP under the hood, doesn't mean you should unleash it, though tempting almost at all hours of the day for me. To be honest, I shouldn't be so easily effected by this kind of thing though. I'm sure most of you are really good at controlling your 'speeding' urges. However, if you AREN'T, then you got to learn to keep calm, because I could have been pulled over! Or worse, gotten someone hurt. Just remember 300 HP, or anything higher, should be only unleashed on the track or in some sort of controlled environment.

Got similar stories? I'd love to hear them =) Share them in the comments below, or share on the Facebook page. Well, happy driving you guys, and may no douchebags cross your path. =D

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