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Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's that time of the year!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year where we use tons of the world's natural resources to make our rides look awesome. It was a perfect day today, the sun was out, and there was a slight spring breeze in the air, keeping the temperature at a very comfortable 55 degrees. My brother and I took this opportunity to really give our cars a nice wash.

Exhaust tip is cleaned with Adam's APC, and looks awesome!

I haven't cleaned my car this thoroughly since the Adam's Polishes detail post back in October, 2010. There is still much to do before it's 100% show room ready, but I would say todays car wash made my car look 90% perfect!  I made sure I washed every nook and cranny there was to clean on the car. I mean, I even brought out the big guns! (Adam's Polishes Products)

Tires cleaned with Adam's APC.

Tires with Adam's VRT applied.

Look at those wheels! The contrast looks Photoshopped, but it isn't! Just beautiful.

Ahem, forgive me for basking in my own glory. I am just too excited to see my car look so sexy after six months of rain, snow, salt, and, well, crap in general. The only upsetting thing was that after removing all of that dirt and grime, it revealed a lot of rock chips, and scratches produced from daily driving. =(

Oh well, nothing a little polishing and waxing can't fix =) I'll probably do that when I have more time in the summer. If you are a member on the Spades V6 facebook page, please don't hesitate to post some vanity pictures on there =D. Anyway, got some car porn for you car perverts ;) Shots are taken on a closed movie set.

Spades and Gimmick

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