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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shopping for stuff

I woke up at 8 AM today, and left at 9 AM to do some car shopping. I scouted out my local auto parts store for some supplies and did some research for some new modding projects. I went ahead and bought myself a set of axle stands. I thought it was pretty cheap, $20 for a pair.

2 Ton weight capacity each. Lift height of 16.25".

Anyway, these axle stands were actually a purchase that I should have made a year ago. The ones I've been using up to date have been my neighbours set, lol. I feel kind of bad for keeping them in my garage. However, I will need his set for another week or two. Since I am planning on filming the DIY Caliper Painting episode on May 20th. All four wheels will need to be off the ground, so you guys will see these puppies again soon =).

Interestingly enough, while looking around at other stuff, I came across this new Meguiar's Product. =D

Can anyone tell me what car this is? Looks mighty familiar. Hmmm...

Anyway, it seems that Meguiar's debadged this Camaro to keep it anonymous, or maybe it has something to do with copyright infringement. Whatever their reason, I don't think it's fooling anyone. However, I must say, the car still looks very sexy.

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